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Configuring Your Conference and Managing Settings
Configuring Your Conference and Managing Settings
This article will help you understand the options available to help you configure your conference and manage key settings and configurations
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NOTE: These options are only available to Admins. If you do not have access to this menu, but need to make configuration changes, please reach out to your Conference Lead, or contact [email protected].

Manage Conference Menu

Your inVision project is configured using the Manage Conference option within the Settings menu.

This will bring you to the Manage Conference settings page, which has multiple tabs to set different configuration settings, including:

  • General Settings - such as the name and start date of the conference, notifications, enabling functionality such as public links and self-registration.

  • Email - to define email templates and subscriptions.

  • Manage Data - to manage project data, such as categories, team views, and project links. As well as conference specific data such as event groups, date labels and nicknames.

  • Manage Users - to create and manage users and invitation requests.

General Settings

The general settings tab allows you to set up some of the key items for your conference.

  • Conference Settings - Create the name, short name, start/end dates, and timezone of your conference. These are important for the schedule functionality to work correctly.

  • Login from Another Device - This setting creates a notification on the conference home page to simplify logins from a user's mobile device.

  • Document Upload Notification - Enter an email address of the person that should receive notifications when a user uploads a new document.

  • "NEW" Badges - Set the number of days the system will use to highlight new items on the project homepage.

  • Public Links - Enable or disable public links, and set when those links expire.

  • Registration - Enable or disable self-registration for specific email domains. NOTE: the whitelist needs to be setup by emailing [email protected].


The Email tab allows you to define the project lead, default email settings, email templates, and email subscription lists.

  • Email Settings - Set the project lead, Reply To Name/email, default BCC settings, Alert Prefix, and custom email signature.

  • Default Welcome Emails - Use the system defaults, or customize the different templates sent to new users when they are added to the conference.

  • inVision Subscriptions - Define whether users can manage their own subscriptions. You can also build custom email lists to use for sending alerts and documents.

Manage Data

The Manage Data tab allows you to set key project and conference data.

  • Categories - Define Categories for your conference posts and reorder them as needed.

  • Key Links - If key links are added, a Key Links widget will be shown at the top right of the conference home page.

  • Public Links - Enable/disable public links and set how may days before they expire. (Learn how to create public links)

  • Event Group - Create color coded groups for items in the schedule.

  • Date Label - Create custom labels for tabs on the conference schedule. (Learn How)

  • Nickname Associations - Create simplified nicknames for conference users.

Manage Users

The Manage Users tab allows you to add users, manage invites, and review analysts assigned to your conference.

  • Manage Users - Create, update, and remove users from the conference.

  • Manage Invite Requests - Approve or Reject invites that other users have created for the conference.

  • Assigned Analysts - Review the Analysts that are assigned to your conference.

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