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Creating Custom Date Labels for Schedule Tabs
Creating Custom Date Labels for Schedule Tabs

Learn how to create custom labels for the conference schedule tabs using date_labels.

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For certain conferences, especially some of the current virtual conferences, there may be session, or posters that are available throughout the conference, so you want to show them on their own schedule tab. For example, the Slides and Posters tabs shown below.

To do this, you will need to use the Excel Conference Schedule upload tool, or create sessions on separate dates, and then use the date_label fields to change the labels for those dates. In the example above, virtual Slide presentations were uploaded with a date of March 31, and Posters were uploaded with a date of April 1.

Creating Date Labels

To create the Date Labels, go to the Manage Conference option in the Settings menu.

Select the Manage Data tab, and then the Date Label menu on the left.

You can enter the name that you want for each specific date into the columns and press save. If you need to create additional date labels, use the Add Another link. To delete date labels, use the trash icon.

Please note that this functionality is only available to Admins. If the menu is not shown in your settings menu, you need to reach out to your Admin, Project Lead, or [email protected], and they can help to get this configured.

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