The conference module is a top feature in inVision. As a project is used over time, it may contain a large list of conferences.

Selecting and Reviewing Conferences

To access a conference project, users can use the "Conferences" menu and select the desired conference. If the target conference is not available, users may need to view the full list of conferences within the project by clicking the link at the bottom of the list.

This will access the complete list of conferences within the project.

If there are a high amount of conferences, or if users want to view the same conference project across multiple years, they can search the conference name in the "Filter" bar.

Switching Conferences

Sometimes, users will be in a conference and need to switch to another conference. To do so, they can use the "Switch Conference" tab in the page header.

Returning to the Parent Project

To return to the parent project from within a conference, users can click on the project name.

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