Configuring Alerts

This article will help Admin Users configure alerts in inVision

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inVision now allows you to have multiple “Alerts”, which provides the ability to tag alerts you are sending out to multiple Alert Types, as well as to pre-configure Alert settings such as the To, CC, BCC, as well as which Email Template to use.

The following document helps you to configure these new options.

Project Lead for inVision site

The setting for project lead and what shows at the top of the project page is now separate from the email alert settings. It is under Settings >> Manage Project >> General Settings >> Project Lead

You can now also change the “Lead Label” so that if you wanted it to show as “Project Contact” you could do that.

Alert Type

Each project is now set up with a default Alert Type, which is set to the Project Name + “Alert”. This can be changed by editing the existing Alert Type. It is under Settings >> Manage Project >> Email >> Alert Types.

As you can see you can now also create additional Alert Types, and pre-define settings for it, such as the To, CC, BCC fields, the reviewers that should be used for that alert, the email template used, as well as changing the custom reply-to email and name so that it matches the signature used in the email template. This is important if you are sending different alerts that should be from different clients or team members.

Changing the Email Template

Each project now has a Default Email Template and a Plain Text Email Template that are set up the same as before. The Plain Text Email Template sends an unformatted (non HTML) email with just the header color coded to importance.

You can create multiple new templates so that you can customize the header to add a graphic (please keep it small) and you can edit the footer to change the signature line and/or add a custom disclaimer to the email.

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