As your project grows, it may be helpful to create subscription lists to quickly send alerts to multiple people. Once a subscription list is set up, you may want to add or remove certain users over time.


To add a user to the list, go to the "Manage Project" tab under "Settings". Next, select "Manage Users" and search for the user you would like to add to the subscription list. Then, select "Manage Subscriptions".

This will take you to a screen where you can select to which lists you would like to add this user.


To remove a user, go to the "Manage Project" tab under "Settings". Next, go to "Email" and select "Subscriptions". Then click the "edit" button for your preferred subscription list.

Here, you can either manage user subscriptions the same as adding a user to a list, or you can use "Bulk Operations". This will allow you to unsubscribe multiple users from the list at once. A pop-up will appear helping you to confirm the removal of these users from the subscription list.

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