NOTE: Creating Team Views is only available to Admins. If you do not have an Admin account but would like to create Team Views in your project, please reach out to your Conference Lead, or contact [email protected]. To learn how to use Team Views as a Standard User please press the button below:

To create a Team View first go to Manage Project under the Settings tab.

Next, select Manage Data and then select Team Views

Under the Team Views tab there will be a button that says, “Add Team View” Selecting this will take you to the New Team View name which will let you create your view.

By selecting “Yes” to display your view on project homepage this Team View will be the default view when a user accesses the project. This is not required in order to use the Team View.

When creating a Team View, you must select a topic associated with the view. This way documents and alerts can be tagged to show under the view. However, if you are creating a Team View to feature on the homepage, do not select a topic for it so all highlighted documents and alerts in the project still show.

The Topic Lead is not a required field either. This can be useful if you want a different lead for certain views within the same project, but it can be left blank.

Once your Team View is created it can be accessed on the homepage and edit it by going back to the Team Views tab under Manage Data.

Showing and Hiding Topics in a Team View:

When you create a Team View, you select the primary deliverable for that view. Initially this view will only consist of the data associated with the selected topic. However, you will usually want to show more than one topic under a team view. This can be done by showing topics in the Team View.

In order to show topics, return to the Team Views tab. To the right of each Team View you will see a widget that says, "Reorder". This will take you to a screen where you can select which topics to show and which topics to hide within this view. Initially, everything will be hidden except for the primary topic for your Team View.

This will only show the topics selected for your Team View as seen below:

Changing Team View Label:

You may want to change the label for Team View section from the default "Team Views". This can be done in the Team Views tab. Type your desired label into the Team View Label box and click "Submit" in order to change the label.

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