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Importing a Conference Calendar and Entering Notes
Importing a Conference Calendar and Entering Notes
This article will help you import a conference calendar, and then how to use the links to enter images and notes for the presentation.
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Many inVision conference users may get emailed a schedule of conference events that they are signed-up to attend. You will typically receive an email directly from the system with a calendar attachment (.ICS file) like below.

To import the calendar to your Outlook, you can click on the attachment and click on Open

And then click on Yes to import the calendar.

This will import the calendar into your default calendar program. To view the calendar in Outlook go to the calendar tab and look for a new calendar called "Untitled" in either My Calendars, or Other Calendars. You can check the box next to the name to show the calendar, or right-click to rename the calendar to something more useful.

Please note that if the calendar is in the future, or is in a different timezone, you may need to scroll to see items that are assigned to you.

Adding Notes or Images

If you are participating in the conference and want to add written notes, or upload images such as slides or handouts, just open up the calendar invite for the event. You will see details of the event and a link you can click to open up the presentation in inVision.

The link will open the presentation and you can use the Manage button to either add notes or images to the presentation.

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