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Searching Best Practices
Searching Best Practices
Learn some best practices to improve your searching, including boolean search, exact phrases, and combining search terms.
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The search function can be found at the top right. You can either enter the search term directly in the search box which will give a list of all of the presentations that contain that term or click on "More Search Options" and refine the search.

Basic Searches

By default the inVision search uses “OR” so if you type in multiple key words, it will return posts that include any of the words. For example you might want to search for a specific drug, but need to include different versions of the drug name, such as: ARQ-151 "ARQ 151" roflumilast

Exact Phrases

You can use double-quotes around a phrase to make sure that you get the entire phrase such as entering: “phase 3”.

Require Multiple Terms Using AND

You can use AND after a keyword to make sure it includes both terms so you can enter: psoriasis AND roflumilast and it will only find posts with both terms.

Combining AND and OR

inVision also allows you to combine terms, which can be helpful you want to find something like a disease AND a drug, but need to include different versions of the drug name. To do this you would enter: psoriasis AND (ARQ-151 roflumilast) which will find posts that have psoriasis AND either ARQ-151 OR roflumilast.

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