To enter pictures, click on the images button which will give you the option to drag and drop or select files from your computer. If you are accessing inVision via your phone, it will also allow you to access the picture library or the camera. Simply choose the images you want and then select upload and the images will be uploaded to that presentation.

inVision also provides several options for utilizing the pictures in each post. These options are found at the button for the individual presentation pages. You can email the images in that post to yourself or others, download the images into a zip file, or download a powerpoint with the images.

To enter notes, select the add notes button which will open up a text editor. To add new notes, click the "+" to the right of the existing notes. You can either enter notes directly in the text box or copy and paste notes from another document or editor. Make sure you select “save” to exit.

Notes and images can be viewed by clicking on the presentation. The notes will show who entered them and a time stamp.

Note: If you are at a conference with poor internet connectivity, you way want to write your notes in notepad or word and then copy and paste them into inVision to make sure you don’t lose content if your connectivity drops out while you are composing a note.

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