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Exporting the Conference Schedule
Exporting the Conference Schedule
How to export your conference schedule to either a PDF or a calendar file and import it to Outlook
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When working on the conference schedule for you or your team, you may want to be able to export your calendar to a PDF file for printing, or a Calendar format (ICS) to enable you to import it into Outlook or other calendar app.

To do this you should first start by filtering the schedule as needed.  

Use the Edit button to open the Edit Session Filters options box, select a Date, Time range, Priority, Attending, or Designation.  You can even filter to show only presentations with a Virtual Presentation link, or hide unscheduled events, such as posters that may be shown in she schedule.


Once you have the schedule filtered the way that you want, click the Export button. That will bring up the Conference Schedule Export screen where you can choose to export to PDF, or a Calendar format.

Exporting to an Outlook Calendar

If you want to export your schedule to import into an Outlook Calendar, select the ICS Calendar Format and click Submit.

Depending on the size of the schedule this may take a few minutes.  You will receive an email with a link to the file, or you can go to your My Downloads page in the Settings menu to download the file.

Now go into Outlook (or your other Calendar program) and go into your calendar.  Use the File menu to select Open & Export. Select the Open Calendar option and select the calendar file.  It should be in your Downloads folder and will be titled with the name of the conference-date.ics (ex: acc_2020_virtual_2020_05_05_1008.ics).

You should now have a new calendar showing the different sessions in the schedule. Individual presentations are listed in text inside each scheduled sessions. Unscheduled items, such as posters are not included in the calendar export.

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